Saturday, December 14, 2002

Working Retail

My blog on the internet... wow - what a concept. Here goes

Due to a recent change in my husband's empolyment status (thanks to EDS - but that's another blog), I became a cashier at a retail craft store. I like to do crafts so I thought, however delusional at the time, that it would be fun to work in a craft store. Why not - we carry cool things like art supplies, candle-making supplies, scrapbooking supplies, beading supplies! HOW COOL!

My second day at work, a very helpful gentleman presented to my register with what he called a "travelers check". It didn't look quite like a travelers check but what did I know, I never go anywhere. Of course, we were extremely busy at the time he came into my line. The lead cashier was helping a not so helpful lady with a very large return and couldn't help me with this check. So the very nice gentleman told me what to do, signed it in front of me and purchased about 9.00 worth of art supplies with a 100.00 check. The next day our store manager - "Fred" - appeared, check in hand, wanting to know what the very nice gentleman looked like... It turns out he is probably wanted in about 5 states for check fraud. Welcome to the wonderful world of retail.

It has been almost 90 days since that time. I have survived the day after Thanksgiving, and am making my way through the Christmas rush. I have learned a thing or two and now have some advice for you shoppers out there. You know who you are...

ON COUPONS - Please READ the coupon. We (meaning us cashiers) do not type the rules on these coupons. We do not make up the coupon rules. We have to answer to the store manager "Fred" about our coupon-giving. The coupons are counted at the end of the day and compared to the lovely computer program which keeps count of how many are used. When we tell you that "Fred" has instructed that we follow the rules on the coupon and only allow "ONE COUPON, PER CUSTOMER PER DAY and that if caught allowing more than one per day we could be fired... we aren't lying!!! Also, if you make a big deal and tell me that you plan on leaving the store and coming right back in to use your second/third/fourth coupon for the day, I will be forced to notify "Fred" because technically it is still the same day. You haven't seen "FRED" when he is not in a pleasant mood!!! IT's not pretty. Poor "Fred" has to answer to the higher up "Fred's" who haven't set foot in a store in years. They have "people" do their shopping for them and don't realize how helpful it is to us poor regular people that we use more than one coupon. So please remember when I tell you that you can only use one coupon... please understand and take it out on "Fred", not me.

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