Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wow - three years have passed since that first log page. I no longer work at the craft store and my husband still hasn't found a "real job". Three years of scraping by financially sucks. We (hubby and I) started a business selling items on consigment for other people on eBay back in March. Now, if I never sell another item on eBay - I would be a very happy woman. It really isn't much different from working in a store except that I don't have to see the customers. We still get stupid questions, people trying to rip us off (much like traveler check guy) and people who wouldn't be happy with what you sent even if it came wrapped in a million dollars.

But there are also those customers who send a wonderful note of thanks, who share your same interests, who are just plain nice.

Lost has become my favorite TV show, along with Desperate Housewives, and Survivor.

My new obsession is knitting, felting and making purses out of old wool sweaters. I can post pictures later, from the other PC.

Well, my creativity seems to have died out today so I am going to sign off for tonight.

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