Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crazy Daze

Why is it that most days do NOT end up as they appeared in my head when I woke up in the morning? For example - today, I pictured myself up at 7:00 (got up at 6:30), finishing up my bible study by 7:30 (obsessive knitting till 7:30), in shower at 7:30 and getting Jenna ready for school at 7:45 while blow drying hair by 7:50 (still in PJ's at 7:45 with Jenna stating she feels sick and doesn't think she can make it to school). Now bummed (people still do say "bummed' don't they?) because I can't go to bible study, and my reason for actually getting showered and ready for the day early now gone - I go back to obsessively knitting while Jenna goes back to bed. I continue this until about 11:00 when I get frustrated "turning a heel" that I have to walk away and decide to take pictures of my knitted purse... see other blog. It wouldn't be so bad if this was just a hiccup in my week, but sadly most days go this way. I have grand plans of what I am going to accomplish during the day and wake up feeling as if I could actually be super mom/super wife... only to run out of steam by noon. Then, like cramming for a final exam - I rush around trying to get my "tasks" complete before anyone gets home and notices just how dysfunctional I am!

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