Saturday, January 07, 2006

What if I was gone?...

Two movies I watched tonight had the loss of a mother in them. It got me wondering how my girls would feel if I were suddenly gone. Would they actually miss me? Of course, logically I know they would but there are days where I think they wished I wasn't around. Mostly "R", my oldest. She is at the age where I am an annoyance, totally uncool and don't understand anything about her life. (Ahh the joys of being a teenager!) I think "J" would take it pretty hard (she's not a teen yet LOL!).

I started thinking about all the things I would want them to know and haven't had the time to tell them. Life gets in the way so often and I often find myself waiting for the "right opportunity".

First and foremost, just how much I love them and want them to succeed in life. My hopes and dreams for their happiness. Do they know how much I love their dad and what a wonderful, strong, hard working and caring man he is - through my eyes? There are so many things that I keep setting aside for later. Perhaps I should start a Blog just for them so someday they will know if I am not there to tell them... Or maybe I should take the time to actually TELL them!

Just a thought

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