Monday, November 07, 2005

Mom gone crazy

I need to vent today. What does one do with a mopey, sulky child? Constantly trying to manipulate everyone around her with the sad, injured puppy dog face? How does a mom keep from throttling said child? Answer - SEDATIVES!!!

I thought the arguementative, know-it-all teenager sister of hers was going to drive me nuts at 11 going on 23. (She is now 13 and the "adult wannabe teenager" is that has taken over her body isn't quite as bad). But I have to say that I have absolutely no compassion or patience for the injured puppy dog. Somehow she has learned that this gets her attention and I am beside myself to figure out a way to get the happy-go-lucky, joking, fun-loving kid back. Aliens have invaded her body and now I am stuck with a hormonal pre-teen with a inferiority complex!!!! ARRGGGHHHHH! She pouts when she has to go to school in the morning. She pouts when she gets home and is forced to do homework before playing with friends. She sulks when she finds that dinner isn't to her liking and then sulks when it's her bedtime. She sulks all the way upstairs until she is blissfully asleep and I swear - I have seen her even sulk in her sleep! Someone please tell me this is a PHASE!!! I don't know how long I can take it!

I wanted to absolutely strangle her in church yesterday as she sulked throught the service because "my tailbone hurts and I can't stand up to sing because it hurts to stand" and yet, this same child was found outside the church running through the back parking lot and playing with her friends when it was time to go! Once in the car going home - the alien returned and she sulked all the way home!

This morning, she just limped around the house with a mysterious stomach ache that went away the minute the bus went roaring past our house because she wasn't ready to be on it. (Too busy sulking). I had to go lock myself in the bathroom!

Any advice or suggestions??? I am all ears! Until then... I think I'll go take an Ativan!

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