Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ever have a doctor appointment NOT go the way you thought it should? I did today. It had been 5 years since my last "physical" (translation - get naked, "pressure", cold instruments, etc.), and about three weeks before this visit I went in for some left breast pain and knee pain. No major thing, the doc said. Lots of women get pain in one breast and the knee pain was probably nothing. He questioned my need for pain killers.

So I had the wonderful mammogram (who knew breasts could get so big when flattened to a thin pancake?) and MRI (fell asleep in the tube, best rest I've had in WEEKS!). So this morning I go in for the "physical" and follow-up on the knee and breast pain. Get this - not only do I have a urinary tract infection, but also a medial meniscus tear requiring surgery on my knee, and they saw some "asymmetry" on the mammogram so I get to go back for more views.

So - I have to pee every five minutes, my knee pain IS REAL and I have asymmetry in my breasts. I could have told them that! LOL - Now if they have to remove anything from the offending breast I am in trouble, its the smaller one!

What a day.

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