Monday, February 02, 2009

What a DAY!

Today was just another day in the life of me. But it wasn't the best day I've had, and thankfully not the worst.

It started with a call at 7:30 am by my daughter Bekah who wanted to be picked up from school. She found out she was going to have a test in one of her classes later that day she didn't know about and she wanted time to prepare...could we pick her up. I sent my hubby (wonderful man). He brought her home and she came in the door crying stating "thanks for answering your phone". My phone, which has been acting up, had turned itself off when my daughter needed it most. She had injured herself in her gym class and was in tears...many phone calls later we decided to go to "Urgent" Care. WHAT A LAUGH...2.5 hours later we found out she had not broken her hand, but sprained her thumb and did possible ligament damage. She was put into a partial cast and was given pain killers.

I then went to work where a friend of mine was "let go". I believe his termination was unjust and was just sickened by what happened.

Then, tonight was a prayer vigil for my friend Donna who has had her third recurrence of breast cancer, which has metastasized to her liver. I prayed for a miracle, prayed for God's will and prayed for the Joy of the Lord to fill their family. I would be lying if I did not say I was scared. Sometimes God's healing is ultimate by calling you home. But I know God's will is supreme and I will always Trust in the Lord.

My baby turned 14 today. How the heck does that happen???? She was just born a few years ago, wasn't she? Why, oh why do they insist on growing up? Jenna has been a Groundhog Baby. She is a pleasure to have around and is a mirror of myself - emotional, ADD and loving.

Why does life hit you between the eyes every so often? My baby is 14, my eldest is injured, my friend is in a life-threatening situation, my other friend lost her dog, my mom is depressed because her husband is now suffering from Alzheimer's dementia and depression, and our finances are nonexistent. Is 2009 going to be better??? It's not looking good, but my hope is always that the Lord will improve all things.

Though he slay me, Yet will I praise him!!!

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